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Designed for riders that prefer low tire pressure. Using a higher thread casing with more rubber in specific places our F/U tire is more resistant to pinch flats without being heavy. Proprietary V-Notched shoulder tread resists collapsing when run with low pressure.

  • F/U = FIT Underinflated
  • Low resistance, fast rolling design center tread
  • Grips all surfaces from slippery plazas to indoor parks
  • Decreased resistance on smooth sidewall band helps with faster grinds & easier “hard” spins
  • Relatively flat top for better rail rides, better carves, improved balance
  • Keeps its shape at low PSI
  • Directionless tread allows for rotation when worn at an angle from spinning primarily one way


  • 20″x2.4″
  • Inflated Width
  • Inflated Diameter
  • Max Pressure
  • Weight
  • 2.39″ (61mm)
  • 20.63″ (524mm)
  • 60 psi
  • 1.56 lb (706g)